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Hyundai-owned Genesis is ready to usher seven more bespoke EVs by 2030

Hyundai-owned Genesis is ready to usher seven more bespoke EVs by 2030

Genesis Motor, LLC, the South Korean luxury carmaker owned by Hyundai, has reportedly announced its plans to launch the company’s final combustion-engine vehicle in 2025, which would then be followed by the launch of a series of eight premium EVs based on its parent firm's exclusive E-GMP platform, gradually replacing its first-generation vehicles within this decade.

Luc Donckerwolke, the company's chief creative officer, stated that the GV60 will be a glimpse into the future from the seven electric vehicles that will accompany it to market.

When asked if Genesis' forthcoming premium EVs will effectively replace its existing diesel and petrol vehicles, Donckerwolke stated the lineup will be defined more by their interior dimensions than by their physical footprints.

Donckerwolke added that the automobiles will have relatively longer wheelbases and much more space on the inside of the car due to the platforms, so it is not possible to compare them to each other. He noted that the cabin of the GV60 is bigger than that of an ICE vehicle of comparable size and that flat-floored platforms will get a scalable effect on the company's designs in the future.

Thereby, the all-electric successor to the existing Genesis GV80 large SUV will be bigger inside too, but not merely in terms of footprint.

It is likely to employ the same E-GMP extended-wheelbase model as the production models of the previous Hyundai Seven as well as Kia EV9 SUV prototypes, positioning it as a competitor to renowned luxury brands such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-electric Benz's SUV flagships.

Donckerwolke will not explain the nature of a halo version for this EV launch, but a production model of last year's X design, which was described as a high-performance GT, may be launched as a contender to the Porsche Taycan, utilizing the E-GMP platform's most powerful motor combinations.

However, Donckerwolke did say that Genesis EVs would not adopt Hyundai and Kia's new naming policy.

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