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Hyliion partners with Idealease to demonstrate a hybrid system

Hyliion partners with Idealease to demonstrate a hybrid system

Hyliion Inc, one of the leading companies offering electrified powertrain solutions for Class 8 commercial vehicles, has reportedly partnered with Idealease Inc. to launch a new program aimed at getting order and exposure for its near-zero-emission hybrid powertrain system as the company’s public debut nears.

For the record, Idealease is a pull-service commercial truck leasing, maintenance, and rental  firm in North America. With this program, Hyliion is planning to offer short-term rentals of its hybrid powertrain with supplier Dana Inc. at Idealease’s locations in Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

Sources cite that the national tour of Idealease will run until the end of the year 2020, providing interested customers with the opportunity to evaluate Hyliion's technology with short-term rental agreements. 

The hybrid system will be installed on a chassis of the International LT Series. The system leverages, Dana’s cutting-edge S23-175 drive axle as well as reliable SPL driveline to deliver optimal performance and drive efficiency. The inclusion of Hyliion cab APU will further offer additional fuel savings, as vehicle idling is avoided during load collection and distribution.

Thomas Healy, CEO, and founder of Hyliion in his statement highlighted the overall partnership's abilities to delivering technology to fleets to the whole country. He illustrated the environmental impact caused by the commercial transportation industry and how the collaborated system will offer a replaceable method of reducing carbon footprint all the while delivering a positive return for businesses and customers. 

And Andy McEnaney, vice president of affiliate services at Idealease commented on Idealease's commitment to providing customers with the latest technology with respect to reducing costs as well as promoting sustainable development in the transportation industry. In collaboration with Hyliion, Idealease will improve performance, save fuel, decrease emissions.

Hyliion clams that its diesel hybrid system decreases fuel consumption, decreases emissions of greenhouse gasses, improves efficiency, and lowers operational costs for today's leading commercial fleets and brand. This is suitable for installation on most large Class 8 commercial vehicles.


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