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Huawei to ask UK to delay its removal from 5G infrastructure

Huawei to ask UK to delay its removal from 5G infrastructure

Months after the UK imposed limitations on how much 5G network equipment Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. can supply to the nation’s network, the Chinese telecom giant is seeking to delay its removal from 5G infrastructure until elections in 2025.

Reportedly, Huawei’s executives have asked for a meeting with UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson before a plan to its ban is authorized. The company is seeking a delay in the hope that the new government may reverse the ban. In return, the company will maintain its remaining equipment used in 2G, 3G, and 4G infrastructure.

The government authorities in the UK are planning to ban the use of Huawei’s equipment in its 5G infrastructure owing to security concerns. Previously, the nation also granted Huawei a restricted role in its 5G infrastructure in January. The UK government also faced intense pressure from the Trump administration to ban Huawei over security concerns.

The Trump administration imposed numerous sanctions on the Huawei, banning it from using American equipment and technology. The UK authorities said that the introduction of numerous sanctions on Huawei means it may no longer be a reliable supplier.

Liu Xiaoming, China’s ambassador to London, also warned the previous week that banning Huawei would send a ‘bad message’ to Chinese business. As per government authorities, the UK’s take on Huawei is expected to come before 22 July.

Previously, France government authorities have refused to put a complete ban on the Chinese telecom giant. The ANSSI, the cybersecurity agency of France, said that the nation will not ban 5G equipment from Huawei in the rollout of the 5G telecom network in France. However, France will request regional companies to avoid switching to Huawei.

It’s no secret that America has been urging its allies to ban Huawei network over security concerns. The Chinese telecom giant repeatedly denied these changes.



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