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HitGen extends drug discovery research collaboration with Morphic

HitGen extends drug discovery research collaboration with Morphic

HitGen Inc. has recently announced the extension of its research partnership with the biotechnology company, Morphic Therapeutic, for a drug discovery program. This research program has been conducted for the identification of small molecule leads against various targets that are specified by Morphic.

The industry-leading DEL (DNA-encoded library) technology platform of HitGen consists of nearly 400 billion encoded small molecules syntheses with drug-like properties, which are synthesized on the chemically diverse scaffolds. HitGen has developed an efficient industry-leading platform for the early-stage drug discovery that is centered on its DEL tech platform.

The latest collaboration agreement is an extension of the previously formed deal that identified active lead compounds, which were licensed exclusively to Morphic.

As per the extended partnership deal, the China-based biotechnology company will leverage its platform technology that is based on the interrogation, synthesis, and design by DELs. This will help discover ligands as the high priority targets of Morphic. Additionally, Morphic will obtain the exclusive commercialization and development rights to compounds that obtain the criteria of the partnership by paying HitGen an assignment fee.

According to Morphic Therapeutic’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Bruce Rogers, the company can expand the diversity of the compound collection that targets the integrin receptors through the chemical libraries produced by the HitGen DEL platform. These chemical libraries will be the significant starting points for the company to extend its research collaboration.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of HitGen, Dr. Jin Li, has cited that the company is thrilled to become a part of the extended research collaboration with Morphic. The compound delivery under the initial deal demonstrates the capability of the DEL platform to discover novel ligands against various technically challenging targets. It is looking forward to further identifying small molecule compounds under this continued partnership with Morphic.

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