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Hitachi reveals adoption of stereo camera in Suzuki’s Spacia series

Hitachi reveals adoption of stereo camera in Suzuki’s Spacia series

Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd., a leading manufacturer & distributor of automotive components, has recently announced the adoption of its stereo camera by Suzuki Motor Corp.

Hitachi’s stereo camera, with enhanced features including nighttime pedestrian detection, will be deployed for the car variant or mini passenger vehicles series, ‘Spacia’, produced by Suzuki. The series, with high safety features, has been launched by the Japanese automobile company in August 2020.

Automatic brake systems have achieved wide recognition due to their capability to control road accidents. In 2021, it is expected that the systems will become a mandatory feature for all passenger vehicles in Japan, which can be attributed to the rapid acceptance of advanced safety technologies including pedestrian detection & protection systems and AEBS (advanced emergency braking systems). Prevalence of these innovative technologies will, in turn, surge overall vehicle safety and promote new vehicle demand.

Innovative safety devices in the Spacia series includes an adaptive cruise control and dual camera braking support, which can detect pedestrians at night. Additionally, the series has an enhanced ADAS (advanced driver assistance system), with improved road signs recognition, under the support of Hitachi’s stereo camera. This camera leverages the company’s unique ML technology to ensure high precision in pedestrian detection.

Moreover, Spacia, categorized as ‘Support Car S Wide’ vehicle, is being promoted by the METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry) and MLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism) to ensure widespread adoption. An MLIT vehicle certification for the passenger vehicles, which indicates the innovative automatic or emergency brakes with respect to the stopped vehicles or those in motion, have a certain performance level.

In addition, nighttime pedestrian detection is a standard feature for the Spacia Gear and Spacia Custom. However, for the Spacia HYBRID X, the feature will be available as the upgrade package on the factory-installed option.

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