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HiPhi partners with Givaudan to offer exclusive onboard fragrances

HiPhi partners with Givaudan to offer exclusive onboard fragrances

Swiss fragrances specialist Givaudan has reportedly formed a strategic partnership with Chinese electric vehicle brand HiPhi. The partnership will see the two companies work together to curate HiPhi's unique onboard fragrances.

HiPhi seems to be rather thrilled about working alongside such a great company to develop new innovative products through the use of new ingredients and technical innovations that catalyze the future of the creation of fragrances. It is also the first new energy vehicle brand to work with Givaudan.

Givaudan, the world-renowned flavor and fragrance company, has partnered with external players including academia, technology providers, start-ups, and research institutions to deliver top-notch services HiPhi.

The HiPhi Fragrance system has two specific fragrances that were produced specifically by a globally known perfumer from the Givaudan Perfumery School in Paris. HiPhi owners may even use various fragrances, or even choose one specifically created, and appreciate the pleasure of plunging into their own scent. 

HiPhi's brand spirit i.e. 'to explore, to be free and to create' and vision 'a diverse world in harmony' are somewhat parallel to Givaudan's, which is 'to inspire emotion through creation every day, everywhere'. 

Speaking on the partnership, Ding Lei, CEO, and Founder of HiPhi said that Givaudan’s legacy of innovation has aided the company to be a market leader and would drive the future of business. The company is pleased to create an immersive, thrilling experience to HiPhi Electric vehicles with premium fragrances.

For the record, Givaudan has created perfumes and flavors of great quality and innovative and stimulating scent and taste trends for 250 years. The Givaudan School of Perfumery was opened in 1946 and has set the benchmark for contemporary perfumery education and has educated numerous foreign perfumers since.

HiPhi is a premium brand developed and promoted by Human Horizons. The sustainable aspect of human horizons' EV goods is also rooted in its vegan leather acceptance and in recyclable materials.


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