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HBO Max rolls out new shuffle button feature for select TV shows

HBO Max rolls out new shuffle button feature for select TV shows

HBO Max is reportedly rolling out a new shuffle button for certain TV shows on its platform.The new button was released worldwide on Tuesday and is currently available on the desktop version of the service.

The new feature shuffles episodes from select TV shows. For instance, if viewers want to watch ‘Friends’ but are unable to figure out which episode to watch, they can use the shuffle feature to go to a random episode from the show.

The button works with nearly 45 shows including Curb Your Enthusiasm, Friends, Looney Tunes, The Big Bang Theory, Teen Titans Go!, Rick and Morty, Whose Line Is It Anyway, Selena + Chef, Tom and Jerry, Fresh Prince, The Office, Young Sheldon among others.

An HBO Max spokesperson stated that the platform randomizes episodes instead of the series, providing users some context to the content that will be shown to them. Available worldwide on the desktop version, users can choose the shuffle button on the show detail page for 45 selected shows.

According to the company, the button was a highly-demanded feature. The platform has not shared details about expanding the functionality of the feature to more content or whether it will release the feature to its TV and mobile applications.

The move comes a year after rival Netflix launched its Play Something feature, which works by playing a TV show or movie that viewers might like based on their past viewing habits and interests. This feature is more expansive in its capabilities of discovering content and is available on Android phones, tablets, and connected TVs. Hulu and Amazon Prime Video are also looking to include shuffle functions in their applications.

The new feature launch comes following HBO Max’s release to nearly 15 countries including Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, North Macedonia, Netherlands, Montenegro, Moldova, Portugal, Poland, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia, and Slovakia.

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