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Harrods to introduce fashion rental service at its Knightsbridge store

Harrods to introduce fashion rental service at its Knightsbridge store

Department store Harrods has reportedly planned to launch a fashion rental service at its Knightsbridge store. This move comes after Carrie Johnson’s decision to wear a rented gown to marry the U. K’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, which became a major talking point for the fashion world.

Harrods, one of the most famous department stores in the world, is planning to introduce this service in collaboration with My Wardrobe HQ, the company that supplied Mrs. Johnson’s wedding dress. Harrods will provide showstoppers designed by Italian fashion designer Giambattista Valli and other regular brands to rent from its store.

Although rented fashion is not a new trend, it has been gaining momentum since 2020. The Chairperson of My Wardrobe HQ, Jane Shepherdson, supposedly commented that it was initially difficult to raise awareness about rented fashion. Since the beginning of the pandemic, no big events were happening, and people were unable to rent any clothes. However, this did not halt discussions regarding the concept.

Shepherdson further added that changing consumer habits will pave the way for this service. She compared rental fashion service to Airbnb, supposedly saying that people are happy sharing accommodations with other people, so they might be willing to share clothes as well.

Fashion rental has been considered as a solution for the sustainability of the industry. Every year used clothes worth around £140 million are sent to landfills. Rental services can increase the lifespan of these clothes. However, a study conducted by Finland-based scientific journal Environmental Research Letters showcased the negative impact of rental fashion on the environment, especially through packaging and delivery.

Rental service is one way for consumers to have access to clothes that are generally unaffordable. Shepherdson supposedly stated that while most people are unable to buy a Gucci suit worth £3,000, most of them would be able to afford to rent it at £30 per day.

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