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GreenTech Environmental rolls out surface & air purification systems

GreenTech Environmental rolls out surface & air purification systems

The newly developed systems will be installed at Iowa-based St. Luke’s UnityPoint Hospital by CASPR technicians.

With increasing emphasis on containing the spread of novel coronavirus, hospitals are experiencing a dire need for adequate equipment for maintaining hygiene across healthcare spaces. Speculating this need, renowned electronic equipment developer, GreenTech Environmental along with CASPR Group recently announced an initiative to install duct-mounted surface & air purification systems across hospitals nationwide.

As per sources, the new air purification systems will be installed at Iowa-based St. Luke’s UnityPoint Hospital by CASPR technicians, helping protect both patients and staff by providing efficient disinfectant technology.

The system’s reliable, natural purification helps eliminate indoor air pollution and disease causing pathogens present in air as well as on surfaces, unlike other technologies that use strong chemicals.

Although the new air purification system is not tested specifically against COVID-19, CASPR Medik has shown effectiveness against viruses like SARS-CoV-2 on hard, nonporous surfaces. It is therefore estimated that the system can be used against SARS-CoV-2 when used in accordance with directions.

According to a statement, GreenTech Environmental CEO & Founder, Allen Johnston, said that in the currently scenario of world pandemic, people are seeking new solutions to attain protection against viruses and bacteria.

GreenTech has dedicated its focus on developing secure active air purification technologies, unlike other filters which are unable of trapping or disabling viruses. Active technologies can disarm pathogens and break down hazardous chemicals present in the air and on surfaces using hydrogen and oxygen-based oxidizers, similar to the one’s found in nature, claims Johnston.

Reports cite that GreenTech develops the CASPR Medik at its manufacturing facility in Johnson City Tennessee. The company has increased its production to satisfy the demand for the CASPR Group for use in hospitals and other healthcare spheres nationwide.

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