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Gongos introduces new ‘customer as a stakeholder’ service model

Gongos introduces new ‘customer as a stakeholder’ service model

Gongos, Inc., a consulting firm focused on accelerating customer centricity for Fortune 500 companies, has reportedly launched the ‘Customer as a Stakeholder’ service model to facilitate a more reciprocal relationship between corporations and customers.

Sources cite that the new online service model will enable customers to play a fruitful role in decision making. It will also help to create new engagement strategies between corporate stakeholders and customers.

This move comes after completing a study of 3000 consumers worldwide which emphasizes on the importance consumers attach to being seen as stakeholders by corporations. The company studied 1,000 American consumers in its Consumer Village propriety online platform.

Gongos also partnered with the world’s leading data platform ‘Dynata’ to survey another 1,655 consumers across India, China, Brazil, the U.K, Germany, and South Korea

As per the study, around 66% global and 88% American customers believe that offering their input through an online community can make a difference in the success of a business.

Moreover, 68% of global and 75% of American customers prefer that organizations ask them directly for their feedback instead of garnering information about them without their knowledge, e.g. social and transactional data.

However, only 46% of global consumers agree that being a member makes them feel like a business stakeholder. All of these figures highlight opportunities for corporations to treat consumers as stakeholders while using their voice to increase the business.

Camille Nicita, CEO and President of Gongos Inc. said that there is a growing need to increase the role of customers to that of stakeholders in the sustainability and success of corporations.

She added that a customer’s experience depends on the relationship built between consumers and corporations and the company believes that online communities offer a powerful platform to develop that reciprocity.

For the record, Gongos is a consultative agency that focuses on customers to develop business strategies. The company collaborates with marketing, insights, analytics, strategy, and customer experience groups to operationalize customer-centricity by helping companies in understanding customer needs.

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