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Fujitsu develops technology to streamline base stations deployment

Fujitsu develops technology to streamline base stations deployment

The highly anticipated 5G technology is finally a reality in nations across the globe. The cutting-edge technology makes it possible to deliver high speed, low latency, and large communications for local governments and businesses. However, it is necessary to optimize the deployment of wireless base stations to explore its true potential.

This often considered challenging, and in spite of its wide bandwidth, the millimeter-wave band remains tough to handle due to its susceptibility to inference. To avoid the same, it is vital to determine the right location of base stations, which requires extensive field adjustments and remains costly.

To address these challenges, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd., a Japanese ICT company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has reportedly introduced a high-speed computing technology to streamline the wireless base station deployment compatible with 28 GHz MM-wave private 5G technology.

Sources cite that the newly introduced technology can efficiently calculate optimal placement for MM-wave wireless base stations. The new algorithm can automatically calculate the best placement for wireless stations up to ten times faster than traditional methods, without depending on radio experts.

The technology also considers the adjustment of parameters such as radio channel, transmission power, antenna direction and position, and radio channel in order to help non-radio experts to evaluate layouts for wireless base stations.

Going forward with a positive approach, the company will continue to innovate its automated design technology and aims to implement it in the area design of its private 5G network within fiscal 2020.

For the record, Fujitsu is one of the leading information technology companies in the world. The company made headlines recently for its industry-first AI technology that accurately captures necessary features, including the probability and distribution of high-dimensional data to enhance the accuracy of AI detection as well as judgment.

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