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Frog opts for name change; Frog E-mobility solutions comes to the fray

Frog opts for name change; Frog E-mobility solutions comes to the fray

Frog is going for name change as they transcend to Frog E-mobility Solutions from Frog Scooters to boost e-mobility offerings.

Sources indicate Frog E-mobility Solutions is coming with a slew of innovative and environmentally friendly electric micro-mobility vehicles to fend off the soaring mobility issues faced by consumers.

Considering the soaring demand for personally owned electric vehicles, Frog is contemplating portfolio diversification of direct-to-consumer products, such as portable and lightweight e-scooter and to-be-launched electric outdoor utility vehicles promoted and sold under Frog ePowerSports.

According to reports, Monday Motorbikes and Frog E-Mobility will boost their deal to manufacture future e-mobility product and seated electric moped of Frog.

Ownership of personal micro-mobility vehicle is said to be rising by leaps and bounds in the backdrop of the aura of shared micro-mobility on residents and communities. COVID-19 fallout has become apparent as Frog is poised to curb its shared service, while it vies to embrace personally owned vehicles.

Co-founder of Frog E-mobility Solutions Christian Okonsky highlighted the roll out of world’s first commercial-grade scooter following the deal with local municipalities. He went on to add Frog instantly earned riders’ trust to offer a reliable and stable ride experience in the form of a last-mile solution.

He claimed that shared mobility customers would not be let down as recently introduced personally owned and lightweight electric scooter the Traveller will keep up with the customers’ expectations.

Elaborating on the E-mobility solution, Okonsky stated that the E-mobility Solutions will leave no stone unturned to lead from the front in innovation. He noted that they will continue to inject funds and streamline direct to consumer line and raise the bar higher in terms of environmentally friendly e-mobility transportation solutions.


It is worth noting that in Q3 2020, Frog E-mobility Solutions is gearing to roll out its first line of direct to consumer products.

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