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Ford to bring back more historic model names through its new cars

Ford to bring back more historic model names through its new cars

Ford, the American multinational automobile manufacturer, has reportedly poised to bring back a number of classic model names in the forthcoming vehicles, having already used the Mustang, Kuga, and Puma nameplates on its newest European-market SUVs.

According to reports, each of the aforementioned three vehicles get their name from a lower-slung and more openly sporty forefather, with the Kuga phonetically connected to the 1960s Mercury Cougar and 1990s Cougar coupé, and remarks from the firm's European design head imply similar revivals are on the way.

Murat Gueler, Ford's chief designer for the European market, stated that the design of past Fiestas had no influence on the existing car's latest facelift and that retro design; like those used for a number of high-profile models, including the new Nissan Z, Lamborghini Countach, and Renault 5; will not be used in any upcoming Ford models.

Instead, Ford will just pay homage to its past achievements by reintroducing their names. Gueler also shared that since he started in the industry 20 years ago, it has never been more chaotic, being more disruptive than ever before. An immense number of products are being rolled out into the market, and that consumers are inundated with all types of items and information. Gueler added.

There are a lot of highly competitive products coming from China, while Koreans automakers already considered extremely competitive with their stunning designs and innovative technology. According to Gueler this is creating a conundrum for carmakers like Ford when it comes to positioning themselves.

Gueler believes they have a distinct advantage in having nameplates from the company’s rich past, which they can utilize to emotionalize their products and create stories that no other brand can.

While the company did not reveal which specific models may be revived, it did concede that such a strategy could be a chance for Ford to differentiate itself from the oncoming onslaught increasing competition and electrification.

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