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Ford plans to slash 1,300 jobs in the UK over the next two years

Ford plans to slash 1,300 jobs in the UK over the next two years

Ford Motor, the US-based automobile manufacturer, has reportedly announced its plan to slash 1300 jobs, around a fifth of its overall workforce in the United Kingdom through 2025.

The move forms part of a substantial restructuring strategy in which the carmaker will cut 3,800 jobs across Europe. The firm is also seeking to prepare for the transition to EVs and deal with the uncertain economic environment. Most of the UK cutbacks will emerge at its research center in Dunton, Essex.

Several hundred back-office employees at locations across the country are also likely to be eliminated. However, the production locations in Dagenham, Halewood, and Daventry won't be affected.

It has been reported that the Unite union would be negotiating with Ford to protect plenty of jobs as feasible.

Mel Stride, Secretary for Work and Pensions, asserted that layoffs are not only a UK issue. Mel announced developing a quick response service that will be implemented shortly to aid laid-off workers in finding new employment.

The latest announcement comes less than two years after Ford shut its engine facility in Bridgend.

Tim Slatter, Chairman of Ford of Britain, claimed that Europe’s economic situation is challenging and that the future is unpredictable due to inflationary pressures, high-interest rates, the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, and rising oil prices. However, Tim mentioned that it was not the sole factor. Ford of Europe is gearing to undergo a significant business transformation.

The company anticipates that by 2030, every vehicle it manufactures in the area will be entirely electric. Moreover, two out of every three commercial cars will be electric or plug-in hybrids by 2030.

The Unite union argued that clear strategies were required to reform the UK's automotive industry, maintain high-quality jobs there, and modernize the nation's transportation system.

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