Facebook to focus on privacy-enhancing technologies for targeted ads

Facebook to focus on privacy-enhancing technologies for targeted ads

Facebook, the leading social networking firm, reportedly publicized its plans of overhauling its advertising system in order to place a greater focus on user privacy and less on data collection.

More precisely, the social media behemoth is working on a system that would provide personalized advertisements without any need for using individual user data. The initiative, named "privacy-enhancing technologies", comprises of systems that utilize cryptographic and statistical approaches to provide ad measurement and personalization while reducing data gathering.

According to Graham Mudd, Product Marketing VP of Ads & Business Products at Facebook, the latest privacy-enhancing technologies will demonstrate that customization is still possible and effective as the industry evolves to become less reliant on individual third-party data.

Mudd added that these technologies will help the company reduce the amount of personal information it processes while still displaying relevant advertising to individuals and measuring ad performance for advertisers.

It would be essential to note that Facebook began testing a system dubbed Private Lift Measurement in 2020, which enables marketers to monitor how campaigns are working while restricting the amount of user data visible to advertisers or Facebook. Facebook has also open-sourced a framework that will enable third-party developers to create more private ad analytics products.

Facebook also claims to be investigating the use of on-device learning. On-device learning, which is already widely utilized by Apple on iPhones and other devices, might allow for highly targeted advertisements without transmitting any user data to an outside cloud or server.

The Facebook privacy shift comes at a time when the advertising industry is undergoing substantial changes, including increased regulatory monitoring and the spread of privacy features such as Apple's App Tracking Transparency. Aside from Facebook, Google is also looking at advertising methods that rely less on individual user data.

However, speculations have it that the shift in strategy is just a move forward towards a different and better advertising strategy.

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