Facebook announces launch of ‘Messenger’ service on Oculus headsets

Facebook announces launch of ‘Messenger’ service on Oculus headsets
  • Users logged into Quest or Quest 2 through their Facebook account would be able to chat with friends while wearing the headset.
  • The California-based giant is also planning to come up with software update v25.

American social media giant, Facebook Inc., is reportedly launching its Messenger service on Oculus headsets, enabling users who have logged into Quest or Quest 2 with their Facebook account to chat with their friends while having their headsets on.

According to Oculus, the initiation of chats would have no effect on privacy settings and users would be allowed to make use of Oculus Chats for messaging friends via the Oculus username.

While the Messenger roll-out would help users in sending pre-written phrases, typing out a message in virtual reality, or utilizing the voice-to-text feature for chatting with friends, they would also have the alternative of initiating an Oculus Party from the Messenger.

For the uninitiated, Facebook had reportedly unveiled its plans to bring Messenger to Oculus back in fall, following this that company announced that all Oculus headsets would have to have a Facebook account connected to it to be used.

As per sources, the tech giant is also on its way to roll out software update v25, with a feature called App Lab. This update would provide app developers a medium to effectively distribute their games and apps outside the Oculus Store without needing to sideload them.

Upon being searched, these apps will be popping up in the App Lab sections, even though these might not be in the Oculus Store. Further, app developers will be also able to share their apps with a URL and any purchased App Lab apps or games will be receiving automatic updates and would be added to the Quest library.

The move will reportedly enable Facebook in maintaining a high level of quality within the store, offering developers with a secure and safe way of sharing creations that might be more experimental or unrefined.

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