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Executive Delivery unveils new service to manage reverse logistics

Executive Delivery unveils new service to manage reverse logistics

Executive Delivery Systems Inc., a highly trusted e-Commerce company, has recently unveiled a new service for Amazon sellers. The new service involves the management of product return, also known as reverse logistics, which can considerably benefit these sellers to a large extent.

The company, with the recent launch of the return management service, will ensure an efficient and adequate management of returns, especially to make international returns easy and profitable.

By partnering with Executive Delivery, various clients can gain access to the highly tenured teams of reverse logistics across the U.S. Additionally, these clients will be able to determine the disposition process, assess the aftermarket sales channels, customize the return process, as well as leverage the teams at Executive Delivery to offer guidance to the maximum advantage and approach the return management process. Executive Delivery has cited that the new service will help the sellers optimize return services by managing and catering to shipping costs as well as the 2nd or 3rd lifecycle of the products.

Amazon, as a trustworthy and popular e-Commerce giant, has been offering sellers across the globe easy access to a large number of American shoppers. The company is highly focused on ensuring customer satisfaction. To reach this objective, it requires the international merchants to provide a local return address in the U.S. for customers or pay for the shipping charges for the products that are returned to the international origin.

Executive Delivery will enhance the return process as it provides the USA address to the international merchants. After receiving the returns, the products will be scanned into inventory and the accounts for the merchants will be updated with the relevant information. Moreover, they inspect, consolidate, & ship the products to the FBA or a 3rd party destination that is defined by the merchant. In this way, the company will optimize the logistic operations with no associated up-fronts costs.

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