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Eurofins upscales production to enable 20M COVID-19 patient tests

Eurofins upscales production to enable 20M COVID-19 patient tests

An unprecedented rise in COVID-19 cases worldwide has enabled various healthcare and research firms to come up with new diagnostic kit and tests to put forward an accurate and precise patient pool count across various regions of the world.

In this context, Eurofins Scientific, an eminent leader in Testing for Life has reportedly announced to enable conducting over 20 million COVID-19 tests along with other new solutions by the end of May 2020, in order to support the world’s fight against this massively rising disease spread.

According to reliable sources, the company has developed one of the most comprehensive testing and service offerings to support various healthcare experts and professionals along with the biopharmaceutical industry around the world to respond to COVID-19 crisis. Some of these include:

  • Most of the company’s laboratories received FDA approval for their lab-developed RT-PCR tests in the United States and various other national authorities. Company has laid its focus on reaching a capacity to carry out over 2 million tests by mid-May in association with its LDTs and reagents offered to it by the suppliers.
  • Eurofins has also commenced offering CLIA and ELSA based serology tests that help in detection of Antibodies produced post COVID-19 infection. Moreover, the capacity for these is also likely to surpass a count of nearly 2 million tests per month by mid of May.
  • Company also rolled out highly elaborative serology test kits which is expected to be used by different state or private laboratories on open ELISA systems, whose production capacity is projected to reach over 10 million tests per month by May.
  • In line with these, Eurofins has also rolled out additional tests to detect presence of SARS-CoV-2 on environmental surfaces.
  • Other than unveiling new products, Eurofins Genomics’ six sites across the globe are expanding their capacity to offer deployment of probes and primers in millions of SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic kits developed by I genome sequencing services and VD companies to aid research and epidemiology.

Apart from the above mentioned, Eurofins has also launched a massive number of products and services aimed at supporting research for development of upcoming vaccines and therapeutics.

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