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ETC successfully launches new riteSuite™ systems at SRTA in Georgia

ETC successfully launches new riteSuite™ systems at SRTA in Georgia

ETC (Electronic Transaction Consultants Corporation), a renowned integrated mobility solution provider for highway agencies and customers, has reportedly announced the successful launch of its new upgraded riteSuite™ systems at SRTA (State Road and Tollway Authority) in Atlanta, Georgia, amid the massive challenges arising due to the coronavirus pandemic.

To make sure that all the workers and employees of the ETC and SRTA involved in the project are safe from the virus, the ETC team commenced the go-live remotely. This is the first complete cloud deployment of the company’s next-gen riteSuite™.

The riteSuite is built by utilizing a highly flexible and scalable micro-services architecture. The successful deployment of riteSuite during the massive delays and nationwide shutdowns was possible because the system is developed to minimize disruption and intrusion and maximize remote capabilities for consumers' systems in the implementation and beyond.

The riteSuite™ systems is an upgraded family of end-to-end mobility and tolling systems, developed on the predominant open-source platforms for future-proofing and flexible deployment, comprising various new multimodal and tolling products which include riteView™, riteVision™, riteJetStream™, and riteOSS™ systems.

Chris Tomlinson, Executive Director of the SRTA, stated that the COVID-19 outbreak has compelled several companies to adjust or change their original strategies and plans and come up with new creative solutions to keep the business operating as usual. The company is thrilled that ETC is able to deploy these roducts remotely to finish the system upgrade as it was planned.

ETC utilized earlier implemented corporate telework tools to talk between the SRTA, ETC project team members throughout the remote go-live deployment.

Bret Kidd, Chief Executive Officer at ETC, stated that the company is proud of the way the SRTA project team is managing this unique situation. Kidd added that the team has been working relentlessly for the deployment of riteSuite™ products at SRTA, amid the unprecedented challenges coming up due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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