Elkem selects Herøya Industrial Park for Graphite production plant

Elkem selects Herøya Industrial Park for Graphite production plant

Elkem, a producer of silicones, silicon, alloys for the foundry industry, carbon, and microsilica, has reportedly announced that Herøja Industrial Park has been selected as the location for large-scale graphite battery production plant in Norway. 


Named as the Northern Recharge, the project seeks to supply a competitive production process for the rapidly growing battery industry and make batteries greener with lower CO2 emissions.


Graphite is the leading anode material in lithium-ion batteries and is anticipated to rise by more than 10 times from the current level up to 2030. The goal of Elkem's Northern Recharge project is to take a competitive place in this market, to support the battery industries in Europe and to develop a renewable hydroelectric power dependent on the new Norwegian export industry.


Elkem CEO, Michael Koenig stated the productions of materials required for battery represents one of the company’s biggest growth opportunities. The demand for electric batteries is surging due to the rise in electrification in the transport sector and increasing need for energy storage in a sustainable future, he said. 


He added that this requires novel production capacity of battery materials and the company sees it as the important prospects for a specialist product with a green footprint.


On the other hand, Stian Madshus, Vice president for Elkem Battery Materials, expressed his delight at the newly selected place and highlighted how the place will assist them to build a cost-effective plant with good access to renewable energy.


He also said that they have secured close proximity to the pilot plant and global leading research environment within material technology.


In 2021, Elkem will advance the project into a targeted final investment decision. The large-sized novel plant can generate new jobs and pass on positive ripple effects for the green industry in Norway. Elkem's industrial and financial partners will join the project as well.


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