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Cybersecurity firm CyLumena launches new virtual CISO Service

Cybersecurity firm CyLumena launches new virtual CISO Service

In a bid to improve cybersecurity infrastructure, Pittsburgh-based cybersecurity firm CyLumena has reportedly introduced a new virtual chief information security officer (CISO) service that provides necessary cybersecurity support one would expect from Chief Information Security Officer within more convenient service model.

According to sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter, the new service will help businesses to take a versatile and competitive approach to cyber-security leadership in unpredictable yet cyber-risky times. 

The top-rated cybersecurity firm observed increased the demand and need for experienced CISO candidates, and thus established the new virtual service (vCISO) to offer cybersecurity practitioners who work on an interim, project or long-term basis with an organization. 

CyLumena’s Managing Director Chris Dinnin weighed on the move's timing and said that the coronavirus pandemic has brought on the need for flexible seasoned cybersecurity leadership as enterprises are vulnerable and cannot spend the cost of hiring a full-time CISO. It is an opportunity to address this gap and provide CEOs and CIOs with confidence in large, strategic issues; he said, adding that the company has captured vCISO service within four areas including security strategy, security advisory, security governance, and compliance. 

In the face of a consistent disruption in the form of the coronavirus pandemic on global health, economic, and political structures, the digital space is facing serious threat of cyberattacks. These attacks are targeting businesses to weaken their reliance on digital resources and steal confidential information.

During such time, businesses across the globe require special knowledge and expertise to address evolving cyber threats. A vCISO can help companies in managing the ever-increased cyberattack threats and its changing landscape.

It offers a flexible and highly efficient alternative for organizations to respond to the cybersecurity challenges they face with strategic and operational leadership.

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