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Concord Hospital uses Wellsheet’s platform in fight against COVID-19

Concord Hospital uses Wellsheet’s platform in fight against COVID-19

Wellsheet Inc., a specialty-agnostic, intra-EHR cloud platform, has declared that its predictive clinical workflow platform is lending immense support to the healthcare professionals at Concord Hospital, New Hampshire. The company offers a 360 degree visibility of all the patients who are being tested or confirmed with the coronavirus, by means of the attending physician, associated isolation status, and location. It also delivers real-time diagnostic result alerts and lowered exposure via shared workspaces.

As per sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter, the Concord Hospital is presently tracking every potential COVID-19 patient – right from admissions until the discharge, with Wellsheet. Indeed, it is known to reduce the average time physicians spend in the EHR chart. This is specifically crucial in this scenario, where healthcare workers are working consistently, pushing all limits while delivering care to patients.

Dr. Paul Clark, MD, CMIO (Chief Medical Information Officer), Concord Hospital, has reportedly stated that Wellsheet is completely integrated with the hospital’s EHR and is used by front line physicians battling the onslaught of COVID-19 cases. Comparing Wellsheet’s platform to an ‘air traffic controller’, Clark went on to say that it provides clinicians with a real-time snapshot of all the key data required, pertaining to every potential COVID-19 patient, and has enabled them to allocate resources in a more appropriate manner.

With Wellsheet, doctors have the convenience of accessing required data in one place, helping them to take the right decisions, Dr. Clark claimed, adding that the platform is installed on their phones, computers, as well as iPads and has been invaluable for doctors during the time of this outbreak, delivering patients with better response times and best clinical decisions.

Craig Limoli, CEO & founder, Wellsheet, has been quoted to state that the company is humbled that it has been able to contribute in some way to Concord’s arsenal as they gear up for the fight against the dreaded pandemic.

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