Colt Technology offers Internet Access On Demand in Singapore

Colt Technology offers Internet Access On Demand in Singapore

Colt Technology Services Group Ltd., a London-based telecommunication company, has recently extended on demand capabilities of its premium business internet offering in Singapore, thereby becoming the sole provider of IP Access On Demand through its SDN-enabled On Demand systems in the region.

Evidently, this new on demand service is supported by Colt's fully-managed and owned metro area network in Singapore, which is an integral part of the global Colt IQ Network that connects to over 29,000 on-net buildings and 900 data centers globally. Currently, the metro area network covers more than 95% of the Central Business District and 90% of Singapore.

With the help of its 'pay as you use' business model, businesses would be able to benefit from agile internet connectivity and high bandwidth, provisioned instantly without enrolling or inking long term contracts. Organizations are now able to take complete control of their internet connections with the capability of flexing bandwidth up and down in a live environment.

Business environment nowadays need more flexibility than earlier, and organizations require connectivity systems that can effectively react to business issues in real-time in order to become successful. The “On Demand” offering from Colt has grown substantially, with the present expansion in Asia facilitating connectivity across global business hubs.

Speaking on the move, Warren Aw, Regional Director of Singapore, Colt Technology, said that the release of Internet Access On Demand in the country would significantly strengthen its business. Colt Technology is currently in a unique position as it is the only provider of On-Demand internet service in the region.

The company is well equipped to support those businesses that plan on moving into Singapore and require its market-leading services. The firm is proficient to support existing customers and regional businesses in their quest to become more innovative and efficient as they grind their way through the digital transformation journey, added Warren.

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