Clubhouse adds spatial audio to offer real-life chatting experience

Clubhouse adds spatial audio to offer real-life chatting experience

After introducing an Android app and latest messaging features in the last few months, popular social audio app Clubhouse is now set to enhance its core audio experience. The company has announced that it will incorporate spatial audio to its rooms to make app users feel like they are in the same room while talking to other people in the group.

While Clubhouse and other voice chat apps facilitate virtual social settings, apparently, the audio sounds relatively flat, as if it is originating from a single central location. However, at the in-person gatherings that the company is expected to simulate, the user would be hearing audio from across the room. They would also hear audio from the right and left of a stage as well as several locations in the audience where speakers will be able to ask their questions.

As a part of the new audio features, the company is reportedly incorporating an API from High Fidelity, Philip Rosedale’s spatial audio company. Clubhouse is then combining it with its own custom audio processing, attuned to the chat app.

For the records, High Fidelity’s HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) technology maps speech to various virtual locations. It does so by finely adding time delay between the stereo channels and working in a similar way as the low and high frequencies would sound when entering the ear.

According to Clubhouse’s head of streaming technology, Justin Uberti, the audio processing will slowly steer the conversation for putting majority of speakers in front of the listener. This will offer the users with an experience that people are speaking from various physical locations.

The new audio features have been launched on Sunday (August 29) for most iOS users. The rest of the company’s Android and iOS users will receive them in the upcoming weeks. Reportedly, everyone will be able to gain the new experience in time. However, the users will also be able to turn the spatial audio off.

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