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Censinet launches new products for healthcare industry risk management

Censinet launches new products for healthcare industry risk management

Censinet, a collaborative risk network for various healthcare organizations (HCO), recently announced new capabilities and products in three different strategic areas, namely Controls Validation, Vendor Lifecycle Workflows and Continuous Monitoring. Such innovations will help advance the goals of Censinet aimed at lowering the risks to data and safety of the patients as well as boost compliance in the supply chain of healthcare organizations comprising of third-party vendors.

Censinet’s founder and CEO, Ed Gaudet stated that healthcare organizations seek high-quality, faster and a complete risk assessment in their supply chain. This helps fuel the company’s goal of taking risk in healthcare and being able to deliver capabilities like One-Click Assessments.

The announcement will build on the company’s goals to be a reliable network concerning risk management across healthcare that would help CISOs and CIOs cut out the risks to patient safety, quality care delivery and data.

Apparently, Censinet will challenge the status quo after making this announcement making the HCOs move past traditional approaches for data risk awareness. The company helps save a major amount of costs and time for HCOs as well as accelerate the productivity of risks, security and IT teams, besides helping business leaders and clinicians to adopt newer technologies.  

After streamlining the process of assessment, the requirement of HCOs to prioritize evaluations of risks while also leaving certain areas unexamined becomes entirely obsolete.

Reportedly, continuous monitoring helps deliver security ratings for the organizational risk posture of third-party vendors with a compact outside-in view security risk of an organization. The Continuous Monitoring balances the company’s vendor as well as product risk assessment via critical supporting evidence and questionnaire.

Every questionnaire by Censinet has been versioned with complete audit trails and history. The standard questionnaire covers a large number of operational, clinical and business applications on-premises, in hybrid, cloud, plus hardware and applicances, accompanied by another connected internet of things (IoT) devices.


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