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CCI to review allegations against Google for promoting payment app

CCI to review allegations against Google for promoting payment app

Technology giant Google Inc. is facing a new wave of scrutiny from the Indian antitrust government authority, CCI (Competition Commission of India), as the agency seems to be reviewing allegations that Google is misusing its leading position in the market by unfairly promoting payments app in the nation. 

Sources familiar with the matter cite that the agency is reviewing a complaint filed in February alleging that the tech giant is more prominently showcasing its digital payment app Google Pay inside its Android app store in the nation, giving it an unfair edge advantage over other digital payment competitors. The agency did not disclose the identity of the person who has filed a complaint.

Senior CCI members are currently reviewing this case against Google. The watchdog informed Google about the complaint being filed a few days ago and the tech giant will respond in due course. The agency will move forward with its decision once it confirms the allegations or else it will dismiss the case if it finds no merit in it.

The use of digital payments has considerably surged in India. The company previously announced that its payment app had rapidly increased in India to reach 67 million monthly active users, driving financial transactions worth over USD 110 billion on an annualized basis. The Google complaint alleges the tech-giant leveraging its strong position in the Android market to promote the app.

Recently, the Indian competition watchdog is in headlines for its investigation order against Facebook’s WhatsApp. Similar to Google, the agency is reviewing allegations that WhatsApp is abusing its leading position in the market by delivering digital services to its comprehensive base of users in India. The competition watchdog is reviewing a complaint filed in March citing that Facebook is abusing its key position to enter India's burgeoning digital payments landscape by integrating payment service within WhatsApp.

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