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CBT Website Scraper & Mass Email Sender to help businesses thrive

CBT Website Scraper & Mass Email Sender to help businesses thrive

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunities for the businesses to sell their products and services have reduced dramatically this year. With the holidays only a few weeks away, businesses must aggressively market themselves and in order to take their product and service offerings to decision makers and buyers. Given that, CBT Website Scraper and CBT Bulk Email Sending Software are apparently being promoted as ideal solutions for rapidly and economically increasing sales contacts along with maintaining contact with existing clients.

Speaking of the matter, CEO of CBT Website Scraper and CBT Bulk Email Sending software, Sergejs Grinfelds, has stated that due to COVID-19 pandemic, small and medium enterprises are not getting lot of opportunities to reach potential business clients. Grinfelds has further stated that holiday season can provide companies with ample opportunities to make profits and, in that case, an aggressive email marketing campaign using their CBT Website Scraper and CBT Bulk Email Sending software can play a key role in helping businesses sustain in 2021.

As per credible sources, the CBT Website Scraper and CBT Bulk Email Sending software programs are user-friendly and do not require any technical expertise for usage. These programs are fully automated once they are configured with the targeting parameters. Following that, each contact receives a personally addressed letter which appears specifically targeted to them. Moreover, the software comprises of built-in mechanism for avoiding spam settings and blacklists, ensuing increased success rate of every sales and marketing email.

For the records, CBT Website Scrapper lets users launch specific keywords and other parameters such as websites, search engines, social media networks or internal business contact lists to generate contact details for relevant business leads. Once these parameters are in place, the software starts working automatically and generates an easy to use Excel sheet consisting of relevant information such as business name, specific contact names, email, phone number and website. On the other hand, CBT Bulk Email Sending software enable users to send personalized emails using established contact lists generated from the CBT Website Scraper.

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