Capgemini to establish quantum lab in collaboration with IBM

Capgemini to establish quantum lab in collaboration with IBM

Tech services and consulting firm Capgemini SE has reportedly established Capgemini Q-Lab, a quantum computing lab, in partnership with IBM, which will be an official IBM Quantum Hub.

The facility will be available in Portugal, India, and the UK and will function as research facilities to help develop quantum applications. The Paris-based company has stated that the Q-Lab can be used by the clients of the company to develop in-house applications of quantum computing along with licensable technologies.

IBM will facilitate lab users to access the quantum computing platforms of the company including access to the open-source quantum information software development kit (SDK) of IBM, Qiskit. The lab will also comprise Eagle, IBM’s latest 127-qubit quantum processor.

Capgemini will provide its clients with a range of professional services for the comprehensive implementation of building quantum computing services and applications.

Upon the announcement, Jay Gambetta, the Vice President of Quantum Computing at IBM, cited that clients will have alternatives for hands-on expertise to develop concepts and explore the possibility of quantum computing across various disciplines and industries.

The facility will enable researchers and developers working in verticals like molecular design in life science as well as fluid dynamics in aerospace engineering via quantum computing data sharing and storage through quantum communications, confidential computing, medical diagnosis, and autonomous mobility by quantum sensing.

IBM, alongside Capgemini, recently asserted a collaboration with LG Electronics to develop a facility that will enable researchers and developers to gain access to the quantum computing platform of the company for building different products. With the Eagle quantum computer, IBM expects to surpass the maximum computing power of conventional computing systems within a couple of years.

For those unversed, quantum computing is a new sector of computing that can process 0 and 1 of a binary system at the same time, instead of a conventional computing platform where the binary bits exist in independent states.

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