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BlockBastards and Telos to integrate blockchain option in Unity games

BlockBastards and Telos to integrate blockchain option in Unity games

Telos and a leading blockchain development company in the field of gaming, reputation management and AI, BlockBastards, announced plans to collaborate for revolutionizing gaming on the blockchain.

BlockBastards will be launching a proof-of-gameplay reward mechanism, Qudo, that will enable any game developed on the Unity gaming engine to be able to add token-based options.

The compatibility of Qudo with Unity instantly makes it usable for an enormous base of gamers and builders. Qudo facilitates sport builders a contestant engagement mechanism that rewards the gaming exercise and efficiency with a cryptocurrency, while selling their video games.

As per personal user metrics of Unity engine, more than 3 billion units have run video games constructed on the platform within the last twelve months. Also, Unity is the engine for about half of all the video games that have been developed throughout all platforms, along with a majority of mobile video games.

Qudo, the gameplay reward mechanism, will run on the Telos blockchain. Telos Basis is reported to be working with BlockBastards to offer marketing, advertising and technical assistance for the launch by the second quarter of 2020.

João Abrantes, MD at BlockBastards was stated that the world is witnessing several blockchain based video games coming up in the market and the gameplay is created mainly with the thoughts of cryptocurrency hypothesis, however, the pure pleasure comes after.  

With the help of Qudo, the companies together are looking forward to carrying video games constructed with pure gameplay experiences in thoughts first, along with the energy to reward gamers with cryptocurrency, while standing out from competitors without the obligation for the developer to have any prior blockchain data.

Abrantes further added that several conventional gaming platforms that offer in-game credit score programs are likely to take advantage of cash. But the process will probably be much more effective to supply these sorts of options on blockchain with the introduction of Qudo.


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