Bird introduces durable & sustainable electric scooter, the Bird Three

Bird introduces durable & sustainable electric scooter, the Bird Three

Bird, a micro-mobility company, has reportedly unveiled a new durable and sustainable electric scooter, the Bird Three. The scooter has a dual-sensor throttle, a longer wheelbase, a triple braking system, and an industry-first, autonomous emergency braking system.

The transportation company has recently unveiled plans to go public through a reverse merger with a SPAC with an objective to capitalize on the current momentum around EVs (electric vehicles). Furthermore, the industry is set to witness remarkable growth due to the high investments of companies in EV development and the infrastructure plan of U.S. President Joe Biden.

The Bird Three is expected to serve as the longest-lasting scooter launched by the micro-mobility company. Unlike the company, other countries such as China are deploying battery-swapping technology with an aim to expand access to their EVs. It, however, claims that the smaller & swappable batteries could lead to high emissions from the overall manufacturing processes and may require more vehicle miles to replace, retrieve, and recharge the scooters.

The installed battery in the Bird Three has a capacity of over 1-kWh, which is likely to result in less frequent charging and a high travel range as compared to other shared scooters. It can also be considered a significant upgrade from the battery capacity of the Bird One scooter, i.e. 473-Wh, and around 150% more in capacity than its Bird Two. The battery of the new scooter is built to outlast a minimum of 14,000 miles as well as over a 20,000-mile lifespan.

In addition, the electric scooter can run nearly 200 diagnostic checks and relay messages to the maintenance crew of Bird in case any repair service is required. Its automatic emergency braking can also bring the vehicle to a stop in case of an emergency or unsafe driving environment. Initially, it will be launched in a range of markets, including New York, Berlin, and Tel Aviv.

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