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Bayer and OrigiMed collaborate to develop NGS based CDx-IVD

Bayer and OrigiMed collaborate to develop NGS based CDx-IVD

Bayer and OrigiMed Co., Ltd, have recently announced a strategic partnership to create and commercialize NGS based companion diagnostics - in vitro diagnostic, or CDx-IVD, in China to be able to detect the NTRK gene infusions.

The collaboration intends to focus on the development of a CDx-IVD for larotrectinib specifically for the Chinese market, which is the first TRK inhibitor that was approved in the US as well as Europe for both adults and pediatrics suffering from TRK fusion cancer. It is currently being developed across the world, including in China.

Oncology Strategic Business Unit of Bayer’s Head of Oncology, Dr. Emmanuelle di Tomaso said that larotrectinib the very first treatment of a kind that has been designed exclusively for adults as well as children with the TRK fusion cancer and has also gotten the approval of several markets. It is also known to be the first compound that had secured approval that was based on the molecular altercation fueling cancer despite the tumor’s origin site.

Tomaso further added that the care for cancer has been currently witnessing a major shift and while the new era of treatment of precision oncology has unfolded, the company has been continuing with the efforts to deliver innovative medicines like larotrectinib, that can offer value to patients as well as the physicians who have been treating them across the world.

OrigiMed’s Chief Executive officer, Dr. Wang Kai commented that it has been one of those first companies to launch the NTRK gene fusion detection across China and is looking forward to finally working with Bayer to be able to develop larotrectinib CDx-IVD, to offer therapeutic advantages to the patients and even support the clinical trials of larotrectinib jointly across mainland China.

The testing, as well as the analysis of all the cancer patients in order to determine if they are suitable to be treated for larotrectinib, has also become an urgent clinical requirement.


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