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Bariatric Eating introduces subscription service through Ordergroove

Bariatric Eating introduces subscription service through Ordergroove

Ordergroove, a renowned firm for relationship commerce, recently announced that Bariatric Eating, a famous provider of meals of high-quality, vitamins and drinks for all the people who follow bariatric surgery, has unveiled a subscription service by utilizing Ordergroove Essentials on Shopify Plus.

The BE VIP Subscription service shall be launched within a span of thirty days and it enables all its customers to establish, adjust and even continue to maintain a certain routine that can help them live a healthy life. The customers have total control over the subscription, which also includes the flexibility to change different products, flavors, or even pause, skip and stop at any given time. They tend to gain a peace of mind of having no worries regarding running out as well as forgetting to reorder.

The customers have immediately responded to Bariatric Eating, that has resulted in the growth of 136% week over week in the subscription over the first month. The results essentially are in line with the increase in the subscription that Ordergroove had experienced in every client from the month of March, which also includes 104% of growth in customers of Health & Wellness.

The self-service tools of Ordergroove Essentials simplify the constantly recurring revenue program management as well as monitoring, which helped Bariatric Eating to reach the market fast in the middle of coronavirus pandemic while helping the customers receive their items that they require in an efficient and safe way.

Bariatric Eating has also been simplifying online experience with the help of One CheckoutTM technology that offers an integrated cart experience by having integrated the journey of the subscriber directly in the Shopify Plus cart, the very first of a kind on Shopify.

Bariatric Eating’s founder, Susan Leach stated that the subscription service the company has created with Ordergroove has been an ideal solution for most of Bariatric Eating’s customers as it offers an easy way to procure the products that they rely on for their routine and also a variety of choices.


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