AT&T waives off data caps for home internet customers due to COVID-19

AT&T waives off data caps for home internet customers due to COVID-19

This move would potentially help various home internet customers to seamlessly enjoy the uninterrupted network and data connectivity.

Considering the outbreak of coronavirus, one of the leading internet services companies, AT&T has reportedly decided to waive off overage fees for all the at-home internet subscribers who do not enjoy the facility of unlimited internet access. This comes ahead of the news of various companies across the United States granting work from home access to its employees fearing the pandemic spread.

As per reliable reports, this decision is considered to be extremely beneficial for all those AT&T home internet customers who have plans that cap the amount of monthly data they can use with vivid electronic devices like the game consoles, laptops, computers, smart TVs and others. Apparently, these caps can range from anywhere between 150 GB t 1TB and can result in fees as high as USD 10 for every 50GB used over the limit.

It has been reported that the decision came in line with the telecom’s strategies for dealing with rise in home internet use through the States as offices have been temporarily shut down and people are advised to stay away from mass gatherings.

In light of this, a group of 17 US Senators has asked various well-established ISPs to suspend broadband data caps and throttling given the widespread epidemic.

According to an official letter circulated by the group of Senators, the association is mandating the companies to temporarily suspend broadband caps or any associated fees for all communities affected by coronavirus and work with colleges, public school districts, and universities to offer free or at-cost broadband services for students whose schools have been locked down due to COVID-19.

Not only has the fear of coronavirus affected the internet companies, but it has also led to a wave of event cancellations across the globe. Some of the major sporting leagues like NBA and NHL, have cancelled their remaining seasons while NYC has announced a state of emergency and hut down of its largest tourism hub, Broadway.

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