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Armstrong Deploys Verimatrix VCAS Solution to Streamline VOD Launch

Armstrong Deploys Verimatrix VCAS Solution to Streamline VOD Launch

Verimatrix, a pioneer in powering the people-centered security with the modern connected world, announced that Armstrong has integrated Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™).

Armstrong is a Pennsylvania-based leading US cable company providing service to over 469 zip codes. Founded 74 years ago, the company is dedicated to securely providing a wide range of streaming options for its huge customer base. Recently, Armstrong deployed a more sophisticated TiVo platform in its set-top boxes to remain at the leading edge of technological changes in the television industry. To make the transition valuable, the company needed an easy-to-integrate and high-quality encryption solution that can help it to provide as many streaming options and it chose the Verimatrix VCAS solution for the job.

Armstrong CTO, Mike Giobbi claimed that their sophisticated anti-piracy software is broadly accepted by content owners, something other encryption services could not contend with.

Verimatrix was an important contributor in ensuring a seamless transition from Armstrong’s Video on Demand (VOD) legacy product. It has operated for over 15 years now and provided a better graphical user interface experience that helped the company to effortlessly convert 50% of its customer base to a more high-level, streaming-friendly set-top box platform.

Instead of having customers completely depend on a Firestick or other add-on streaming device, Armstrong could natively provide a wide range of content while continuing to offer customers the option to use the streaming method of their choice if they want to.

Giobbi stated that the deployment process was much faster as Verimatrix had API interfaces between TiVo already and was able to seamlessly be incorporated into their existing infrastructure. 

Now, Armstrong hopes that more customers would rely on the native, secure streaming capability as time passes. The Verimatrix engineered user-friendly encryption software helps the company to stay competitive in this constantly changing world of entertainment

Armstrong’s Product Services Engineer, Chris Mley defined Verimatrix as simple to integrate and exceptional to work with. Mley confirmed that they are witnessing the pristine reputation that Verimatrix has in the industry.




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