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AppVault launches Anywhere Career Fair platform to host virtual events

AppVault launches Anywhere Career Fair platform to host virtual events

AppVault, a US-based recruitment technology firm, has recently launched a new virtual career events platform. The Anywhere Career Fair platform is designed to allow businesses to host virtual career events and go beyond in-person events, particularly in the current situation. The thoughtfully designed virtual platform is aimed at making online hiring easier and more efficient for enterprises, whilst bolstering their employer brand.

Virtual event hosting gives businesses the freedom to optimize and extend hours of operation while reducing costs, travel, and resources, leading to a significant surge in the quality and volume of talent to connect with.

The platform consists of virtual booths, that are branded for the organizations participating. Furthermore, these booths act as a promotion of various aspects of the company’s culture, including region, profession, department, career opportunities, or more. The platform’s chat feature also gives participants the option of engaging in real-time interactions with various organization members, including recruiters.

In addition to the live chat feature, AppVault has also introduced integrated video communication within the platform. According to Founder and CEO, Tom Daly, this feature adds a personal touch to the virtual environment. He further stated that the COVID-19 crisis has made it necessary for several of AppVault’s clients, especially in the healthcare field, to shift focus from onsite to online events, ideally with visual communication features, to streamline interviewing via video. He went on to express his pride at being able to provide a quick response to this challenge and elevate virtual recruitment experiences through the Anywhere Career Fair platform.

This development makes AppVault the first recruitment tech company to add integrated video communication features into their online hiring solution. Clients using the platform also have the choice of using their own video system, by sharing invitation links with participants during live chat sessions.

AppVault is dedicated to continuing the advancement of this solution and extending creative support to organizations in their recruitment efforts during these testing times.

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