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Applitools integrates with Microsoft, GitHub, and GitHub Actions

Applitools integrates with Microsoft, GitHub, and GitHub Actions

Applitools, an AI-powered visual testing & monitoring platform, has reportedly announced its integrations with GitHub Actions, GitHub, & Microsoft Visual Studio App Center.

The latest integrations will enable a seamless addition of Visual AI-powered testing to each build and PR (pull request), leading to improved developer workflows and greater UI version control.

Apart from the testing process improvements, the integrations will enable developers to rapidly correlate the code changes with the UI/UX updates to ensure Visual UI version control across mobile and web apps, via the usage of any programming language and testing framework.

By integrating with GitHub Actions, developers will directly gain automation within the workflow. The visual testing automation will enable them to quickly address and resolve the regressions, owing to the root cause analysis capabilities of Applitools. In addition, this will allow the teams to customize workflows and help meet the needs of developers while employing Visual AI to accelerate and automate release, test, and build pipelines.

Applitools Eyes, including GitHub integrations, is currently available for GitHub-hosted open source projects, which use the Applitools Open Source plan, for free.

Moreover, with the adoption of Visual Studio App Center, developers will gain streamlined workflows for the mobile apps, in addition to automated UI testing. Through the combination of Applitools capabilities, they can seamlessly automate functional & visual testing as well as discover bugs on any device before release. This ensures the proper functioning of an app and its compliance across all devices & screen sizes. They can also obtain the test results, performance metrics, and full-resolution screenshots of each step.

Apart from the Microsoft and GitHub integrations, Applitools has become a Technology Partner of the GitHub Partner Program.

According to GitHub’s Director of Business Development & Alliances, Jeremy Adams, the company will significantly enable Applitools to expand its role in the GitHub ecosystem through the recent integrations. The Visual AI-powered testing platform of Applitools and automated, streamlined developer workflow of the company will support the rapid delivery of high-quality software.

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