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Apple recloses stores in Houston and Texas amid COVID-19 outbreak

Apple recloses stores in Houston and Texas amid COVID-19 outbreak

The rise in the number of COVID-19 cased in United has forced technology giant Apple Inc. to shut its retails store in Texas and Houston. The company said in the statement that it is closely monitoring conditions in every community it operates stores to evaluate when to close and open them.

As per the company’s website, the stores will remain close on Thursday. The move to close stores just comes after Apple temporarily re-closed 11 other retail stores in numerous states of the United States including South Carolina, North Carolina, Arizona, and Florida.  

At that time, Apple said in the statement the company took this step with an abundance of caution as it was closely observing the situation adding that it will open its retail stores as soon as possible. Apple now has re-closed 18 stores in several stores of the United States. 

Apple was one of the few firms that closed its stores around the world in March in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Apple stores in the United States started to re-open in recent weeks with an extreme focus on safety measures such as temperature checks, space for social distancing, and mandatory use of face mask. Most of the locations of the company are only open for curbside pickup and pre-scheduled services.

Apple's decisions to reopen or close stores are totally based on data evaluation, like local cases, long-term and near term trends, and guidance from national as well as local health officials. At the time when retail stores were reopened, Deirdre O'Brien, Retail Chief at Apple warned that Apple would not hesitate to shut these stores again if COVID-19 cases spiked.

Apple said earlier said that the company scheduled to reopen stores in New York and that it was aiming to open 200 retail stores in the U.S. by the end of this week. 

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