Apple, Amazon, Google kick Parler media service off their platforms

Apple, Amazon, Google kick Parler media service off their platforms

Tech giants Apple, Amazon, and Google have reportedly booted American alternative social networking platform, Parler, off their platforms. Sources knowledgeable of the matter state that Amazon was set to remove Parler from AWS on the evening of 10th Jan 2021, essentially kicking it off the internet after rallying pressure from Amazon employees and the public.

Apparently, this move will disconnect Parler from the entirety of its audience, in turn disallowing users to access the Parler app from the two largest app stores over the internet. Meanwhile, those who have already downloaded the app will not be able to use it as the app will no longer be capable of communicating with Parler’s servers on Amazon Web Services.

According to a notice published by Apple; the decision has been taken in the light of Parler’s insufficient responses to a previous warning, which also consisted of Parler’s defense, whereby it had stated that the platform had been treating violent rhetoric on its platform very seriously for weeks and had a viable modulation plan for the moment.

Apple elaborated that Parler has not taken requisite measures for addressing the proliferation of calls to incite lawless actions and direct threats of violence. Consequently, the networking service has been suspended from the App Store until it addresses these issues, highlighted Apple.

Meanwhile, Amazon Web Services, in a letter to Parler’s Chief Policy Officer, Amy Peikoff, stated that in the last couple of weeks, the company has reported 98 instances of violence-encouraging posts on the platform to Parler. The letter also comprises the screenshots of numerous examples of such violence-inciting posts.

Amazon’s decision to boot Parler will shut down the Parler app and website until it comes up with a new hosting provider. Parler is an alternative social networking service that is popular with conservatives. The services has been heavily utilized by President Donald Trump’s supporters, including some who took part in the U.S. Capitol unrest on January 6th, 2021.

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