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Amazon extends work from home policy, ask employees to defer travel

Amazon extends work from home policy, ask employees to defer travel

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted economies worldwide. Lockdowns were initiated and people were advised to practice social distancing. The use of the internet further proliferated in no time and helped the world to stay connected with friends, family, and co-workers through virtual connections. 

With people confined to their homes, all the major industries were forced to work from home excluding the essential worker such as defense and healthcare bodies. The novel coronavirus left no industry and affected all corporations ranging from small to industry giants. 

Adhering to the situation, corporations will have to stick to work from home policies and safeguard their employees until a coronavirus vaccine brings the world back to its original state. 

In a similar move, e-commerce giant Amazon Inc. has reportedly prolonged its work from home policy enabling its employees to continue their jobs from home until Jan 8. The enterprise has also asked all the employees to delay any non-essential travel. 

According to sources familiar with the knowledge of matter, the move comes after the company initiated a pilot healthcare program catered towards its workers and their family members to provide primary healthcare services including vaccination and physical therapy. 

The decision also comes at a time when the online retailer has been facing scrutiny from US lawmakers and unions for not taking up effective measures to safeguard its employees from COVID-19.

The program will entail collaboration with national medical group crossover health where 20 health centers would be built over the next few months stretched across five cities situated near Amazon's fulfillment centers.

Meanwhile, e-commerce giant claims on the website that the company has invested approximately, USD 4 billion on COVID-19 initiatives getting products to consumers and keeping employees safe.

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