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Airspan to team up with ON Semiconductor on Wi-Fi 6 solutions

Airspan to team up with ON Semiconductor on Wi-Fi 6 solutions

Airspan Networks has recently announced that it is collaborating with ON Semiconductor, to foster energy-efficient innovations and capitalize on the leading Wi-Fi 6 performance solutions in the industry by using the QCS AX chipset for various Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) applications.

There are a large number of sites that have been deployed globally wherein Airspan has been at the forefront of offering Communications Service Providers with wireless innovative solutions for the private and public urban, rural and suburban applications. Airspan also delivers high-performing and high-capacity solutions that usually enable rapid deployment and are cost-effective at a certain scale.

The next-gen solutions provided by Airspan will help leverage the QCS-AX Wi-Fi 6 of ON Semiconductor’s chipsets. Such products shall boost the benefits of the Wi-Fi standard that also includes the additional spectrum in the 6 GHz band. The 8X8 beamforming technology based on OFDMA using the 160 MHz channels with different modulation rates of 1024 QAM shall majorly enhance interference immunity, delivering multi-gigabit capacity as well as enabling the higher-spectral efficiency.

CEO of Airspan, Eric Stonestrom said that the company is looking forward to expanding its partnership with ON Semiconductor to be able to deliver Fixed Wireless Access as well as indoor/outdoor-Fi hotspots providing improved performance at a reduced cost.

ON Semiconductor’s vice president in marketing for Quantenna Connectivity Solutions, Irvind Ghai said that the FWA innovation has expanded the use of Wi-Fi into the outdoor space. By having leveraged the Wi-Fi 6 offload to 5G networks, the end consumers can be expecting seamless and fast connectivity. The company is looking forward to working with Airspan in bringing up the new connectivity to underserved markets.

The demands for FWA continue to advance and progress where reliability and capacity are critical for everyday use in hospitals, economic growth, schools and law enforcement. The networks of Airspan have been placed a certain way to address the needs of the market as well as shape the future networks.


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