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After India, U.S. considering a ban on Chinese social media apps

After India, U.S. considering a ban on Chinese social media apps

Post the ban on 59 Chinese apps including TikTok, by the Indian government, another nation seems to following similar footsteps. Now, Chinese social media apps may also be banned in the United States as President Trump further cracks down on China’s influence amid coronavirus pandemic.

According to sources familiar with knowledge of the matter, Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State said that the United States is considering a ban on Chinese media apps. Lawmakers in the United States have national security concerns over ByteDance’s handling of data. The lawmakers worried about Chinese law requiring regional companies to cooperate with intelligence work controlled by the Communist Party of China.

Pompeo said in an interview that American people should be cautious in using ByteDance’s TikTok. However, on the other hand, TikTok has sought to distance itself from Chinese roots to lure to a global audience. TikTok recently also announced that it will stop operations in HongKong after China imposed new security laws in the region. The company also declined data processing requests from Hong Kong government authorities.

In response to comments, TikTok said in the e-mail statement that facilitating a secure and safe app experience for users is of paramount importance for the company. The company has never provided user data to China and would not provide it in the future.

Recently, India banned 59 apps with Chinese roots for engaging in activities ‘prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of the nation. The ban came in the light of the on-going border dispute between India and China. All these 59 apps have now been eliminated from Google and Apple app stores for the Indian market.

Sources cite that India's decision to ban apps that are linked with roots was widely noted in America, including some prominent policymakers, who urged the Trump administration to follow suit.

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