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Tesco starts rationing essential items to five products per customer

Tesco starts rationing essential items to five products per customer
Tesco starts rationing essential items to five products per customer
Tesco plc, the largest grocery retailer in the UK, has reportedly announced that it has started limiting the sale of essential items like wipes, sprays, antibacterial gels, UHT milk, dry pasta, and tinned vegetables to five per customer in response to the latest stockpiling trend brought on by the coronavirus.

The new rules are applicable to both brick-and-mortar stores and online portals. The move is an attempt on the retailer’s part to ensure that all customer demands are adequately met through even distribution.

According to reports, UK supermarket chain, Waitrose & Partners has also imposed a temporary limit on some of the items it has listed on its website, which also includes antibacterial wipes and soaps. The retailer stated that it is in discussions with its suppliers in an effort to ensure that the demands of its consumers are properly met.

A UK government spokesperson reportedly stated that the government is in contact with supermarkets across the UK to discuss their respective responses to the coronavirus. While not official, some individual stores have also started imposing their own limits with branch managers deciding the caps based on the local situation.

The High Street chemist Boots, supposedly has restricted hand sanitizer sales to two per customer. Meanwhile, Asda, has also introduced restrictions on particular types of hand sanitizers, to two per customer, making this the only restriction by the supermarket in its stores currently.

However, despite many taking similar steps, some retailers have yet to introduce restrictions on the essentials they are selling with Sainsburys stating that it would not limit sales of products online or in stores yet.

Environment Secretary, George Eustice is expected to start talks with trade bosses and supermarkets regarding the efforts to deliver support and help to vulnerable groups that may be stranded in isolation.

Andrew Potter, logistics and transport chair, Cardiff Business School, stated that while there is a short supply of essentials at the moment, supermarket shelves would be restocked completely over the coming week. The established supply chain is expected to begin the delivery of essentials, which would hopefully clear this short-term predicament.

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