Rhino Research unveils groundbreaking marketing app Rhino Emancipation

Rhino Research unveils groundbreaking marketing app Rhino Emancipation

Rhino Research LLC, a provider of online business promotion apps, will reportedly provide free week-long webinars entitled "Rhino Week - Distributive Marketing, Is This for Real?" starting September 20th, 2021.

According to reports, the webinars will tackle the issue of rising online marketing costs, as well as a new approach for boosting efficiency and conversion rates.

This might be beneficial to anyone who wishes to generate money online. The company is welcoming participants since this new technique will be quite advantageous to them.

During the webinar, the firm will also present its new revolutionary app, Rhino Emancipation, which it says will usher in the next generation of online marketing platforms. Unlike existing platforms, Rhino Emancipation rewards everyone. Current platforms (all large and well-established) function as intermediaries, collecting money from firms for marketing and then selling them data from others.

The company will be launching the Rhino Emancipation app from September 20th to September 26th. Supposedly, it was kept a secret on purpose, and no more details will be revealed until next week.

The founder of Rhino Research LLC, Anthony Calascione, will be hosting a total of 10 live worldwide events.

It is unknown whether or not the webinars will be recorded. As a result, it is preferable if anybody who is interested participates in person. However, if they miss it, they should pay a visit to the company website.

For the record, each firm would have its own mobile app, while non-business owners will receive the community app, which rewards registered individuals’ stock, coins, and cash, on the first of each month. Furthermore, each of these partners will receive instant ownership of a portion of the firm.

The webinar will be led by Anthony Calascione, who describes it as an opportunity to hear from industry professionals about innovative methods to connect consumers and identify ways to benefit them. There has never been a model like this before. It is a foregone conclusion.

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