MessageBird forays into global customer service market with

MessageBird forays into global customer service market with
MessageBird forays into global customer service market with
MessageBird, an Amsterdam based telecommunications service provider, has reportedly announced the launch of its latest AI-powered product The company has dubbed its new product as ‘Slack designed for external communications’.

The new product, which would largely be offered to users free of cost, allows users to communicate with external businesses through any communication channels of their choice. MessageBird aims to enter the robust 350-billion-dollar customer service industry through this new tool.

The choice of the users’ communication channel can range between SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, Voice, WeChat, Instagram, RCS, Apple Business Chat, Telegram, and Line. The freedom of choice is an attempt by the company to meet the users on a communication turf that they are already familiar and comfortable with.

With respect to the message content, during the product’s unveiling, it already supports images, texts, geolocation, video, and more. Moreover, regardless of the communication channel, customer conversations and incoming messages are presented inside a single thread for ease of collaboration and ticketing between support agents.

The tool also boasts of a built-in intelligence, as the AI analyzes the keywords and can anticipate the needs of the user, which also includes it offering a collection of suggested replies to save time. Additionally, support agents can create auto-replies by dragging and dropping components as well. Furthermore, the tool also provides support for things such as automated NPS surveys and message routing rules.

The motivation behind the new software tool is MessageBird CEO, Robert Vis’s own frustration at the level of customer support provided by enterprises in general. Vis added that these conventional customer support systems have not adapted themselves to the expectations of today’s customers, who still have to wait hours on hold or wait days for a simple email reply.

The MessageBird team developed in over 12 months, followed by exhausting research with support agents, managers, and customers. The software tool has been thoroughly tested before the launch and is currently used by Zilingo in Asia, Deliveroo and HelloFresh in Europe, and Tix Telecom and Join Buggy in Latin America.

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