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Ford officially confirms the launch of Bronco 4x4 in Europe in 2023

Ford officially confirms the launch of Bronco 4x4 in Europe in 2023

Ford, the leading American automobile manufacturer, has reportedly confirmed that it would be launching the Ford Bronco 4x4 in the European market by the end of 2023, after nearly two years of speculations following its first showcase.

As per reports, the company unveiled the new Bronco in July of 2020 after a gap of more than 24 years, reintroducing the iconic nameplate, and offering Ford a full-sized 4x4 to compete with the Jeep Wrangler and Land Rover Defender in the US.

While the off roader has not made any official sales in Europe, Ford has substantiated plans to launch the vehicle in limited quantity across the Atlantic by the end of 2023. More exact allocation information has not been disclosed yet.

However, considering the fact that it will only be marketed in certain left-hand-drive European markets, a UK launch is not currently expected to be on the schedule. The production of right-hand drive models seems unviable at the moment due to low sales forecasts in the UK, Japan, and Australia.

With prices ranging from £45,000 to £85,000 ($54,521 to $102,985) as well as a choice of 2.3- liter or 2.7-liter Ecoboost petrol engines, the Bronco is presently available for purchase in the UK through Clive Sutton, the London-based importer.

Ford's approach to importing the Bronco to Europe only appears to apply to the full-sized model, not the Bronco Sport, which is a more lifestyle-oriented automobile.

Although Ford has not officially announced the Bronco variants that will be imported to the continent, speculations suggest that the extreme Bronco Raptor will not be among them.

Meanwhile, Ford bosses are supposedly assessing the viable European business case of all US-market cars continually.

The company has not specified any other US-market models that it can import into Europe, but it just introduced the Maverick, its first hybrid pickup truck, in the US. Additionally, it debuted its new F-150 Lightning electric vehicle at the Goodwood Festival of Speed last month.

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