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DHI Telecom announces takeover of French company Bienvenue WiFi

DHI Telecom announces takeover of French company Bienvenue WiFi

U.S. based technical solutions provider, DHI Telecom, has apparently announced that it has acquired the Paris-based mobile Wi-Fi solutions provider, Bienvenue WiFi.

Wallace Davis, CEO, DHI Telecom, has been quoted to say that Bienvenue WiFi will offer numerous opportunities to DHI for strengthening and expanding its Travelwifi offerings and expanse within Europe. Since DHI has myriad clients and partners across the tourist and hospitality sector, this buyout will support its goals of emerging as a global leader in the domain of mobile Wi-Fi solutions, Davis added.

On the other hand, Jean-Baptiste Queromes, CEO, Bienvenue WiFi, is rather thrilled and eager to lend support to DHI and Travelwifi, and has been quoted to state that the firm is glad to become a part of the DHI family. Given that DHI boasts of a global presence and has substantial experience in different markets, Bienvenue is delighted to bring forth its knowledge of the tourism market in France, so as to deliver the best solutions for customers, Queromes added.

As per sources familiar with the knowledge of the matter, Bienvenue WiFi seems to be DHI Telecom’s fifth buyout in the last one and a half years. The company’s debut acquisition in the last 18 months included Tep Wireless in Q4 2018. The buyout has expanded its presence across the U.S. and U.K. tourism industry.

In June 2019, DHI took over Travel Wi-Fi – known to provide rentals of portable Wi-Fi along with free pickup, to travelers in France and Europe, at airports surrounding Paris, as well as regular retail locations. In July 2019, DHI purchased Chile-based Wi-Fi and SIM card telecom firm Trinus , while in November 2019, the company acquired Singaporean firm Yogofi – a startup concentrating on advanced mobile Wi-Fi for travel.

For the uninitiated, Bienvenue WiFi was founded in May 2014 and works with more than 250 partners across the B2B and B2B2C sectors. The firm aims at providing fast, affordable Wi-Fi to tourists worldwide. Numerous international brands such as Chanel, Veuve Clicquot, and Coca-Cola are dependent on Bienvenue WiFi in order to deliver seamless connectivity to their customers.

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